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Data Collection Instruments

Coalition Survey and Analysis Service

If you are a tobacco control program looking for a survey to use with your coalition, consider using an online survey that TCEC will administer and analyze for you.  You can view a PDF version of the survey below.  If you would like to use this survey, please contact TCEC by phone or e-mail so that we can set it up for you online and even send you the results.

To see a sample of the coalition survey, click here: online coalition survey

It's a fast and convenient way to do your coalition survey!


Sample Data Collection Instruments

Because the most frequent request for assistance we get at the evaluation center is for sample data collection instruments, we have created or adapted existing instruments for the tobacco control objectives most commonly worked on by grantees.  The surveys, observation forms, key informant interview or focus group question guides have been carefully crafted using the “End Use Strategizing” tool (link) to cover key data points for a particular type of objective (drawing from the range of relevant instruments projects have used).  HOWEVER, it is our intent that projects will customize and adapt these generic tools for the specific data that will be most meaningful for them to collect.

Each instrument was written with non-English speakers in mind and SMOG tested for use with lower literacy populations.  So if you add questions, keep these factors in mind.  If designing an instrument for a particular cultural group, further adaptation may be necessary (e.g., using culturally appropriate examples or terms).  Always be sure to field test any instrument on people with characteristics similar to your sample population in order to check on the appropriateness of the instrument’s wording, sequence and format.

The links below include data collection instruments along with specifications which outline how to use the instruments, the meaning of each question, how to record the data, etc.  Currently, these are still in draft form in various stages of development.  If you don’t see an instrument that you need, contact the Tobacco Control Evaluation Center directly and ask if we have something relevant in our repository of hundreds of surveys, observation forms, key informant interview and focus group guides created by tobacco control grantees.

English Data Collection Instruments:

Spanish Data Collection Instruments:

Chinese Data Collection Instruments:

Russian Data Collection Instruments:

Vietnamese Data Collection Instruments:

Hmong Data Collection Instruments:

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