On this page you will find links to TCEC's published journal articles and research briefs, including FER summary reports and HSHC summary reports. For full issues of our newsletter, please see Newsletter Archive.

Research Briefs

Final Evaluation Summary Reports

Drawing from the collective knowledge of local projects written up in their 2007 final evaluation reports, the Tobacco Control Evaluation Center compiled effective strategies for working on tobacco control policy in a variety of political and social environments. 

Prohibiting Flavored and Menthol Tobacco Products

Combating Outdoor Smoking in Public Places

Combating Tobacco Litter in Public Places

Combating Secondhand Smoke in Multi-unit Housing

Combating Youth Access to Tobacco Products Through Tobacco Retail Policies

Cultural Competency in Tobacco Control

Implementing Smoke-Free Policies in Public Housing

Combating Tobacco Promoting Influences, Reducing Exposure to Secondhand Smoke, and Reducing Youth Access to Tobacco

HSHC Public Opinion & Key Informant Summary Reports

Feasibility, Instrument and Usability Testing

The TCEC staff conducts various types of testing before releasing resources.  We've done research on the feasibility and cost of using handheld devices for data collection, usability testing on the navigation of the new design of our website, as well as instrument testing.

Capacity Building and Analysis

Web-based Organizational Capacity Building: Is it as Effective as On-site Training?

California Tobacco Control Coalitions: An analysis of survey responses from 25 tobacco control coalitions

Journal Articles 


A Qualitative Evaluation of 40 Voluntary, Smoke-free, Multi-Unit, Housing Policy Campaigns in California

Evaluating Local Policy Adoption Campaigns in California: Tobacco Retail License (TRL) Adoption

Navigating Local Smoke-free Multi-Unit Housing Policy Adoption

The Role of Training in the Evaluation of Public Programs


Accommodating Diverse Clients' Needs in Evaluation Capacity Building: A Case Study of the Tobacco Control Evaluation Center

Achieving Smoke-Free Apartment Outdoor Area Policies in Asian/Pacific Islander Neighborhoods of Central Los Angeles


Building the Evaluation Capacity of California's Local Tobacco Control Programs

Developing Culturally Competent Evaluation Tools with Tobacco Control Program Practitioners

Strategies Implemented by 20 Local Tobacco Control Agencies to Promote Smoke-Free Recreation Areas, 2004-2007


Barriers to Adopting and Implementing Local Level Tobacco Control Policies


The Benefits of Internal vs. External Evaluators for County-based Tobacco Control