Final Evaluation Reports

This page is about Final Evaluation Reports (FERs) specifically. For general report writing resources, please see Report Results.

In California Tobacco Control, all primary policy objectives require a Final Evaluation Report at the end of the contract period. All non-primary objectives require a Brief Evaluation Report according to the specifications of Tell Your Story. 

Contact TCEC for more info about the requirements for writing Brief and Final Evaluation Reports.

Tell Your Story (TYS): Writing Useful Evaluation Reports

Gathering Data for Report Writing

TYS Guidelines for Preparing Useful Evaluation Reports


  1. instructions for writing final and brief evaluation reports
  2. sample final and brief evaluation reports
  3. rubric for scoring final evaluation reports
  4. guidelines for submitting reports
  5. sample report highlights and executive summary

TYS Trainings and Resources

TYS Data Visualization

Final Evaluation Report Scores and Feedback

FERbruary Trainings