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Report Results

Reporting results is the process of communicating evaluation findings and making recommendations for future action. Ideally, each data collection activity is accompanied by a report detailing the methodology, findings, and recommendations. This can be a formal report, but it can also be a fact sheet, pamphlet, presentation, or other product that communicates evaluation findings and offers recommendations for future action.

In California Tobacco Control, all primary objectives require a Final Evaluation Report at the end of the contract period. All non-primary objectives require a Brief Evaluation Report according to the specifications of Tell Your Story. 

Contact TCEC for more info about the requirements for writing Brief and Final Evaluation Reports.

Evaluation Reporting Overview

Evaluation Reporting: The What, When, and Who

Writing Up Activity Summaries


Documenting Organizational Progress

Evaluation Activity Summaries


Tell Your Story (TYS): Writing Useful Evaluation Reports

Gathering Data for Report Writing

TYS Guidelines for Preparing Useful Evaluation Reports


  1. instructions for writing final and brief evaluation reports
  2. sample final and brief evaluation reports
  3. rubric for scoring final evaluation reports
  4. guidelines for submitting reports
  5. sample report highlights and executive summary

TYS Trainings and Resources

TYS Data Visualization


Final Evaluation Report Scores and Feedback

Using Social Media

Social media can be a great way to find out what people know about your project, what others in your field are saying and doing, and influence the conversation around issues you care about. It is more than just another medium for broadcasting news about your events or activities. To use it effectively, you should listen, learn, and leverage information to your advantage. To learn how, check out these resources: