tell your story

Resources for Reporting

April 22, 2020
Reporting is an important part of working in California tobacco control. Every six months progress reports are due, when an activity is done an activity summary report may be needed, and at the end of every funding cycle the final evaluation report is submitted.

Report Results

Reporting results is the process of communicating evaluation findings and making recommendations for future action. Ideally, each data collection activity is accompanied by a report detailing the methodology, findings, and recommendation. This can be a formal report, but it can also be a fact sheet, pamphlet, presentation, or other product that communicates evaluation findings and offers recommendation for future action.

Making Sense: Using FER Feedback to Tell a Better Story

February 26, 2018
Whether you did better than you hoped or worse than you expected, what’s important is the feedback about how well you told the story of your project and where your report could be improved.