woman taking notes on a clipboard Need to brush up on a particular evaluation methodology? For a quick fix, check out our handy how-to documents. Or if you want a little more depth, you can listen to one of our recorded webinars which are full of practical advice from our team of experienced evaluators/trainers as well as guest evaluators and project staff. It's a great way to get a mini training on the skills you need to conduct evaluation activities.


Training Data Collectors


Anytime there will be more than one person involved in collecting data, it's important to train them to implement the survey, observation or interview in precisely the same way.  They need to be trained on the meaning of every question, the procedures they should follow when collecting data, and how to handle questions from participants.

Conducting Surveys

Interviewing Key Informants

Leading Focus Groups

Making Observations

Reviewing Media Activity & Policy Records

Other Methods