Using Mobile Technology

Using mobile technology to collect data can save your project time and money. It may also improve data quality by reducing data entry error and missing answers.

For these reasons, the Tobacco Control Evaluation Center makes it easy for tobacco projects supported by Proposition 99 funding to conduct surveys and observations anywhere (even without a Wi-Fi connection) with a account and its SurveyPocket application. For the specifics of how this works, see our resources below.

If you still have questions, contact the TCEC data collection help desk at 530-754-8929, and remember to visit this page frequently as we update these resources periodically.

Borrowing a TCEC Device


If you need additional devices for your data collection efforts, we have a small fleet of Android and Apple devices which Prop. 99-funded projects can borrow for short periods of time. Complete and return the loan agreement form below, and TCEC will fill orders on a first come, first served basis. 

*During peak demand (e.g. HSHC store observations, public opinion poll) lending may be limited to 5 devices at a time for 4 weeks. Ask TCEC for details*



Compare the various survey platforms out there and learn how technology can save time, money and effort.

Account and Device Set-up

TCEC has established a free mobile survey account with for each Prop. 99-funded project. There you can create and edit surveys as well as manage and analyze your data. And once you've downloaded the related SurveyPocket app onto your mobile devices, you can conduct surveys and observations anywhere, even without a Wi-Fi connection. For the specifics of how this works, see our resources below.

A few key terms you'll need to know are:

Here are a few additional resources about using SurveyPocket and SurveyAnalytics:

Creating Mobile Surveys

Training Data Collectors

Collecting Data with Devices

Analyzing Data in Mobile Platforms

Video Q & A

When you contact the TCEC help desk, we take note of the questions you ask and try to develop short videos that answer them.  If you have a topic you'd like addressed, contact the TCEC help desk at 530-754-8929.