Cultural Contexts

Pivot! New opportunities in culturally-responsive evaluation

December 17, 2020
by Sarah Hellesen

Even in years not dominated by a global pandemic, our plans do not always go the way we’d like.

In tobacco control, that might look like a key decision maker opposing a policy we’d hoped to pass, or a survey failing to yield helpful data. Sometimes the plans that need to change are our literal evaluation plans. And sometimes the events we look forward to attending all year pivot completely.

Non-Traditional Partners: Just friends you haven’t made yet?

December 17, 2020
by Danielle Lippert and Jorge Andrews

In recent years the term “non-traditional” partners has been used in public health and by the California Tobacco Control Program. The idea is to invite voices to join us that may not be obvious allies to tobacco control.

You may wonder, why the push? Why now? How does this benefit my project?

Rise Together

December 19, 2019
Disparities in public health are simultaneously our somber failures and hopeful opportunities for collaboration.