Working with Evaluators

2022: Acknowledging Our Partners in Tobacco Control

While out on a walk after Thanksgiving, I was having a conversation with a friend. As we walked along, crunching the leaves and fallen acorns, we began talking about what we were thankful for. Our conversation touched on something subtle and perhaps overlooked; we talked about acknowledging and thanking those around us. 

Tobacco Control Evaluation in California: What You Need to Get Started

Entering the world of California tobacco control evaluation can be overwhelming. Due to decades of hard work, the world of California tobacco control is a vast network of collaborators and partners, with its own set of rules, acronyms and requirements.

But we have good news: Because of this well-established infrastructure, a new evaluator has a plethora of resources and support at their fingertips!

Evaluators: What to Know when Working with New Grantees

Like any new relationship, when an external evaluator takes on a new project, there will be an adjustment period as everyone gets to know each other. This may be especially true if the project is new to CTCP-funded work. Below are some considerations to consider to foster a successful partnership with them.

If possible, the evaluator and newly funded project should build more time into the contract for meetings with project staff. This may include meetings with project staff and their CTCP Project Coordinator (PC). There are multiple reasons why this is important:

Happy Trails, Jeanette!

It’s the end of an era at the Tobacco Control Evaluation Center. Long-time evaluation associate and former TCEC project director Jeanette Treiber has retired from her post to head for greener pastures! She won’t have to go far either—just right outside her door to the seven-acre Rio Linda farm she and her partner Deno have created.

New Contract, Same Us! Local Lead Agencies

by Sarah Hellesen

2021 marks the start of a new contract for TCEC, and we’re excited to continue bringing our love of all things evaluation to our local lead agency partners around the state. And you may have noticed, it’s been a busy year so far! Here are some important things for LLAs to take note of:

TCEC Hosts Inaugural FER Clinic

New Contract, Same Us! Competitive Grantees

by Catherine Dizon

With the end of 2020 also came the close of another TCEC contract.  In just 3 short years, our talented TCEC team delivered 23 webinars, 15 newsletters, 22 papers, 34 presentations, 681 instances of technical assistance (TA), and another 1,989 additional instances of TA specifically for what ended up being the last round of data collection for Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community. 

What Makes for a Good Training?

by Robin Kipke

This summer I had the opportunity to participate in several professional development trainings with big name people in the evaluation world—names you see associated with foundational evaluation theories and publications—B-I-G.  And these were not just short presentations of an hour or two, but 10-12 hour courses that took place over a period of weeks.