Reporting results

After collecting and analyzing the data, the last crucial step is summarizing, using and sharing your findings. This can be done in a variety of ways: written up in brief or final evaluation reports, narrated in presentations, given out in fact sheets or information packets, shown in exhibits or displays, or posted to websites and social media. It all depends on how the data is meant to be used and who it is meant to inform. So be creative in getting your message across!

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Evaluation Activity Summaries



Tell Your Story (TYS): Writing Useful Evaluation Reports

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Gathering Data for Report Writing


TYS Guidelines for Preparing Useful Evaluation Reports --


  1. instructions for writing final and brief evaluation reports
  2. sample final and brief evaluation reports
  3. rubric for scoring final evaluation reports
  4. guidelines for submitting reports
  5. sample report highlights and executive summary


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Final Evaluation Report Scores and Feedback

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