Data Collection

Stories from the Field: TCEC Staff Assist with Data Collection

As the observations for the End Commercial Tobacco Campaign wrap up, TCEC staff had the chance to assist Local Lead Agencies with their data collections. As always, TCEC is happy to help, and when we do we like to write up our experience. This time around, Jorge Andrews and Danielle Lippert went out in the summer heat and put their evaluator skills to the test. Here are their stories:

Attack of the Bots!

by Andersen Yang & Jorge Andrews

When science fiction imagines how the future might look, these visions often include either helpful robots (like Rosie from The Jetsons), or menacing machines (like the titular character in The Terminator). Either way, the robots of the fictional future are machines that people interact with in the physical world. Coming back to the present, the bots have arrived-- and they are not how we imagined.

Local Lead Agency Key Informant Interviews on Endgame

by Catherine Dizon

Over the next 12 months, LLAs will be conducting two separate sets of KIIs: one that I like to call, “Contract Extension KII” and one that I call, “ECTC KII.”  The Contract Extension KII were added to LLAs’ current 2017-2021 workplans, and the ECTC KII, short for End Commercial Tobacco Campaign, is a required evaluation activity for LLA’s upcoming 2022-2025 workplans.  This article aims to clarify the difference between the two and share resources for helping you ensure these activities are useful to your communities.

6-8 Hour Trainings – Really?!

HSHC activities are some of the tools we can use to engage and empower our communities, give voice to those that may not otherwise be involved in public health movements, and provide opportunities for skill building and fostering relationships. With this in mind, we could argue that 6-8 hours is not enough to accomplish that. But it’s a start!