Data Visualization

Data for the Win!

Even before I was born, my family has been huge followers of Bay Area sports.  Our Golden State Warriors are currently up 1-0 in the Western Conference Finals.  (Go Warriors!)  As a fan, it’s a lot of fun (and nerve-wracking) to watch our favorite teams do what they do.  As an evaluator, my brain can’t help but also see the fun in the numbers of the game, the different stats and data visualizations flashed on the screen or written in articles.   

Going Back to School

by Catherine Dizon

My daughter, as with the rest of the students in California, started school virtually a few weeks ago.  Do you remember your time in elementary school?  Learning the basics.  Enjoying story time and circle time.  Absorbing everything you see and hear.  Getting lots of time to play and explore.  Well we got a little piece of that experience when we took Katherine Haugh’s Visual Note-Taking 101: Encouraging Dynamic Participation through Visual Storytelling e-Learning course through the A