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old fashioned paper boy holds up latest edition The team at the Tobacco Control Evaluation Center are always working on developing useful resources to help those out in the field.  Like Santa's elves, we never stop coming up with something new.  If you are looking for a resource on a particular topic and don't see anything that meets the need, let us know.  We'll try to get right on it!

Here are some of our more recent creations:

Accessing Priority Population Data

This webinar reveals a new priority population data resources website developed in partnership with the CTCP. This website ( compiles available data sources for eight priority populations that are the focus of CTCP's Initiative to Reduce Tobacco-Related Disparities. TCEC will walk you through how to use the website to find publicly available priority population data or to access datasets that are available upon request for local projects to analyze on their own. Finally, TCEC will discuss resources for collecting your own data on priority populations to inform your tobacco control work, including help with survey development, data analysis, and more.


TEA Call

For anyone who was unable to be part of the May 2019 TEA call, here it is. In this call we talked about the results of the TEA survey. We discussed the highlights of the results, as well as where to go from here.


Say What You Mean

"Say What you Mean" is a discussion about improving your writing to benefit your audience, topics include using plain language, avoiding passive voice, and improving logical flow in your writing. This short webinar provides quick pointers and guidelines to be better understood when you write your evaluation findings.


Evaluation for Everyone: Creating Accessible Documents

Two of the most important considerations in evaluation are 1) audience and 2) utility. How can you ensure that your valuable data and recommendations are usable by all populations-including those in your community who have disabilities?

In this webinar, TCEC walks through some easy ways to incorporate accessibility into reports, tables, data visualizations, and other documents, using tools already available to you in Microsoft Office.


Gaining Insights from Statistics in Evaluation

Does the thought of statistics send you into a panic? Watch this webinar if you're in need of an introduction to common statistical tools and methods used in evaluation that can help you extract more meaning from data by measuring change, making comparisons between groups, or determining the effects a policy or action has had.


Photovoice: A Powerful Tool for Engaging Community Members

Photovoice is an excellent tool for engaging youth and adult partners in exploring, documenting, and addressing community problems. This webinar will provide an overview of what Photovoice is, discuss the history and framework of Photovoice, and share why it's useful in partnering with community members to solve tobacco-related problems.


End Game: Applying end-use strategizing to evaluation planning

When it comes to planning an evaluation activity or designing a data collection instrument, be sure that you'll end up with actionable data that inform your next steps by following an end-use strategizing process. This webinar covers what end-use strategizing consists of, why and when to do it, and walks you step-by-step through a policy-related example.

  • End Game: Applying end-use strategizing to evaluation planning:   PDF
  • Webinar


Talk Eval to Me: Tobacco Control Evaluation Terminology

Are you smarter than a TCEC evaluator? Test your knowledge in tobacco control evaluation terminology and have some fun with our newest associate Danielle Lippert along with Sarah Hellesen and Jorge Andrews. Catherine Dizon will be the host for our game giving hints, assigning points, and discussing different evaluation terms to know in tobacco control.


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